The efficacy of DermaSilk®  is dependant upon direct contact with the skin.

DermaSilk® should be close fitting. DermaSilk should be worn every day to achieve full benefit, even when flares appear calm.

If therapeutic creams, such as emollients and topical corticosteroids are used on the skin, please make sure that they are completely absorbed before putting DermaSilk®  on.


With careful washing your DermaSilk® garment will retain its usefulness over a long time.

    1. Always wash DermaSilk® by hand with non-biological (enzyme-free) detergent* suitable for sensitive skin.
    2. Rinse thoroughly.

    3. In every 10 washes: soak DermaSilk® in a solution of 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda per litre of water overnight to maintain the softness of the fabric, then wash as above.
    4. Do not bleach DermaSilk® as it will damage the structure of the silk.
    5. Never use a fabric softener.
    6. Use a cool iron if necessary, as with all delicate fabrics, dry horizontally on a soft towel.

Important information:

The Antimicrobial is bonded permanently to the silk and will not leech out of the fabric, even after numerous washees.

* We looked for some non-biological (enzyme-free) detergents in some supermarket shelves, and found the following brands:

  • Eco Laundry Liquid 
  • Eco Laundry Power 
  • Planet Ark Sensitive Skin (pink package) 
  • Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid

How to Wash DermaSilk videos are available at