The Clinical Efficacy of DermaSilk


The therapeutic effects of DermaSilk have been extensively studied by clinicians throughout Europe and their findings published in "peer reviewed" academic medical journals.

This means that the results demonstrated in the trials have been independently assessed as accurate by other doctors. The sections below give a brief description of the studies undertaken and the results obtained. No other product of this type has gone through such exhaustive tests to validate its effectiveness.

DermaSilk continues to be researched in a wide range of medical conditions and future publications will be added when appropriate.

G.Senti on Dermatology 2006 22 children in left/right study over 3 months.1

Significant improvement of SCORAD index on DermaSilk treated
arm compared to cotton covered arm at weeks 4, 8 & 12.
Ricci British Journal of Dermatology 2004 46 children in study. 31 received DermaSilk & 15 control cotton.
No difference in other medication.2

No change in SCORAD index for control group compared with
significant reduction in SCORAD for DermaSilk treated group.
Koller 2007 15 patients with DermaSilk plus emollient on one arm and
Cotton plus 7 days’ mometasone on the other arm.3

Evaluation of both arms by EASI after 21 days.

No difference between arms.